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Magic Show for Grade 1-8

Magic is a performing art that entertains the audience through seemingly impossible feats conducted by the use of tricks, illusions, sleight of hands and well-practiced moves’

A Magic show was organized for Grade 1-8 students to kick start the festive season. When it comes to magic, it is said to be best for entertainment, education and engagement. It has the capacity for creating a fully emotional hook and also motivation for learning since it generally piques students’ curiosity and fascinates them. The resource person, Mr. Jagdev Alarm from the ‘Red Cross Society’ enthralled the students with his magic tricks including dancing rope, disappearing acts and box within a box act. He performed several tricks on stage which left students astonished and mesmerized.

The lively and fun-filled show helped the children amplify their observation skills and concentration. The show was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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