Primary Currriculum

The Manthan follows the child centric and a learner based curriculum. An extensive effort is made to integrate the curriculum around themes, with many interactive and hands on activities through a detailed and comprehensive study of content. This educational approach prepares our learners to grasp concepts in pursuit of excellence. The language teaches to communicate confidently in both oral and written forms, the scientific approach stimulates young minds to question and investigate, the mathematical concepts are used to solve problems and build analytical skills, social science brings holistic awareness of our natural environment, human society and the diverse cultural heritage. We ensure that the projects and activities designed, go beyond the horizons of the textbooks where the learner is interested to inquire and motivated to gain knowledge through independent research and study. Art,music and dance inculcate values and discipline through proper channelization of emotions and energies. At Manthan, the learners are given an opportunity to express and share ideas through teamwork and mutual support. The evaluation system assesses each and every aspect of the learner through observation and efficient gradation. The curriculum is enhanced and supported through varied extra curricular activities. The Manthan way is built to deliver confident learners and global citizens to the society.

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