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Pre requisites of a Western Music Teacher

  • Loves all kinds of music
  • Trained in modern methods and techniques
  • Subject Expert
  • Ability to connect with students

Pre requisites of a Pre –Primary Teacher

  • Experienced and qualified with Nursery Teachers Training Course / Montessori Training / early Child Education equivalent course
  • Curriculum knowledge
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to connect with children
  • Must be active, good in art and craft, dance, music
  • Energetic

Pre requisites of IT Head and Computer Teacher

  • Bachehlor’s or Master degree in computer field
  • Three or more years of IT experience.
  • Complete knowledge of hardware and software
  • Database and network management
  • Exceptional oral, written& non verbal communication
  • Team Player

Pre requisites of a Dance Teacher

  • Dance (Diploma in dance / Any Certificate course in dance)
  • Western & Indian folk dances expert
  • Subject Expert
  • Passionate
  • Can organize cultural Events (Farewell, Annual Day, Sports Day)

Pre requisites of a Art and Craft Teacher

  • Degree/Diploma in Fine Arts/ Art and Craft.
  • Subject Expert
  • Skilled in techniques
  • Creative
  • Flexible and Resourceful

Pre-Requisites for all positions: Excellent Communication Skills with pleasing personality, Computer Savvy, Minimum 3 Years exp. required in reputed school in Delhi /NCR

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