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Oscar Wilde once said 'Education is an admirable thing but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught'.

We believe, in life there will be several occasions and challenges in personal, social and professional life where the answer will not be in any content or book but in the applications of the skills developed through learning process.We therefore lay emphasis on application of knowledge and development of skills.

At Manthan,we intend to make children ready for dynamic, globalized and multi-cultural world by multi facet development which includes- intellectual, emotional, moral and attitudinal attributes of the learners.

Manthan has created self contained space where students are engaged independently or with the teachers for self directed and guided activities called Subject Studios.

The "Subject Studios" approach focuses on student autonomy and learning style by giving each student an opportunity to explore his learning environment hands-on in a developmentally appropriate classroom.

The space is interactive in nature and is not confine to four walls. Teachers act as facilitators, providing materials and guidance, as well as planning, discussion, activities, demonstrations and reviews.

At Manthan, with the help of Subject studios, we aim to deliver the holistic curriculum and focus on creating new designs for stimulating the minds of learners, enthusing them to explore, discover, make new connections, create and learn.

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